Jesus = Yah Saves   Christ = King
God (YHVH) has been creating His family for 6000 years. He will raise us for His Kingdom to come. And beyond.
All are welcome to join. Follow Jesus, Yah's Salvation, the King, the Lion of the tribe of YHVDH. (Judah)
How?  'Fear & Honor Yah, and obey His 10 commandments'.  Simple!


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Thanks to all who are 'sumood' (steadfast)! And to those who speak truth. YAH takes notice

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God's name & title, removed from His word almost 7000 times is: YHVH = Yod Hey Vav Hey
'YHVH' means 'Behold the Eternal Creator, who's holding all things together!', in original, pictograph Hebrew!

Our King's Name and Title, 'Jesus Christ', also known as 'Joshua' 'Yahshua', 'Jesu', etc. is actually:
YHVShVi = It means 'Yah's Salvation, the King'.  Pictograph of name says 'YahVah Himself, destroyed between two nails'


Behold Malachi, the LAST book of the Old Testament. See the LAST chapter, and the LAST verse (Malachi 4: 5). In it, YHVH says this: 'I will send you Elijah before the great and terrible Day of YHVH.'


The spirit of 'Elijah' is here now! By all who can say "My God is YAH!" Because THAT is what 'Elijah' means!
So, who is YOUR God?

To get to Yah's Kingdom one must obey Yah's 10 commandments. See below. None are too hard to obey!

("Not important today?" Consider this. Our Father, the MOST High, wrote them in stone twice! His 1st and only written document. They were put in the Ark of the Covenant, His earthly throne. He SAT on them! See His thoughts about them HERE.)

1. Love Yah! (Desire, seek and cling to our Father in Heaven. Read & listen to His Words.)
2. NO Idols! (Don't love anything more than Dad. Especially money.)
3. Use YAH's Name! (It has nothing to do with cussing!) In original Hebrew every letter is a picture.
YAH - YH = 'Behold the Outstretched Arm (Creator)', VAH - VH = 'Behold the Nail' (Holds all things together.)

4. Delight in Yah's Sabbath! (No cook, no work, dawn to dusk, Saturdays! Warming food & Helping others OK.)

5. Honor your parents!

6. No murder!
7. No adultery!
8. No stealing!

9. No lying! (Especially about someone else!)

10. Don't covet anyone elses anything!


'Do to others as you want them to do to you!'  (Leviticus 19:18 & Matthew 7:12)


Honoring Yah's 7th Rest-Day Sabbath is a SIGN to Yah that you want to be in His Kingdom, forever.
See EZE. 20:20 for perfect vision about Yah's 7th Day commandment. 


The 'gospel' or 'good news', is that if you sin you can:  1. Ask for forgiveness, and 2. Make things right, and 3. Sin no more. If you do, upon resurection of your spirit, you can be a member of Yah's eternal family.


Is "Faith Alone" really all that one needs? Your eternal soul depends on the correct answer. See: Ezekiel 18 or Ezekiel 33:10-16. Yah explains the simple path to His Kingdom twice


Bottom line: Yah says to BE GOOD! Be a light! And complete your life-time test with honor.
May Yah's Kingdom come. May Yah's will be done.


Feel free to write in with questions, comments, Yah-full healing remedies or Yah-full insights.
Or write-in to ask for the full color booklet about Ron Wyatt's discoveries.  Include a SASE. 

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Malachi 3:16-17   Then those who feared YHVH spoke one with another; and YHVH listened and heard, and a Book of Memory was written before Him for those who feared YHVH and who honored his Name. "They shall be mine,” says YHVH, Commander of all Armies, “My own possession in the day that I make. I will spare them, as a man spares his own son who serves him".

Anyone can sign His earth-bound  'Book of Memory' here. Our Father may see that as your sign. Like your baptism, promising to obey the 10 comandments, and promising to call Him YAH!

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