Here at JesusChrist.com we post vidoes and articles. Highlighting them in no way endorses everything they say, write, or believe, past present or future. Most folks do NOT obey YAH's 10 commandments. We post things helpful for us to understand Yah's truths and navigate the End-Times in which we live.

Israel Caught in BIG lies, expertly.  LINK 16 min Video.
Posted 4.15.2024


Alef Tav ECLIPSE written on 4-8-2024

Yah is writing the original form of His first and last letters on the USA. The Alef and the Tav.
For a great 3-minute video presentation click HERE

Best link for Eclipse info. (All info except the Alef-Tav part) Click HERE

Posted 3.30.2024


GAZA understanding in a stunning 32 minute vieo interview. Video and text. 

Norwegian Dr. Mads Gilbert has long history of helping heal folks in GAZA. He explains the current situation, and the people and the history like no other. Yah raised him up for this 32 minute interview.
LINK to interview at TRT World. LINK to interview on youtube.
Posted 3.7.2024


How to Vote in 2024
Vote for righteousness if, where and when you can.

Supporting or joining Tactical Civics is the best political thing you can do in the USA. It's success results in a return to USA Constitutional rule. Where We-The-People have the reins to the Beast.

For USA president best choices are Jill Stein or Dr. Shiva. Click on their name for their campaign websites. All others presidential candidates are obviously controled by the Synagouge of Satan.

Posted 3.7.2024


Expanded war is predicted for April or May according to Colonel Douglas MacGregor. (Minute 8:10)
He says the muslim world is now united against USA, Israel and UK. They are preparing for for war. 
The world's only way out is for The People to get engaged. Our globalist leaders are anti-people. "Only a tidal wave that sweeps away Fantacy Island (USA) and takes away our globalist leaders can save USA." (Minute 17:50) VERY intellegent interview! Roger's interview ends at minute 33:11 LINK to Interview.

The Colonel likely does not yet know about TacticalCivics.com. The website for the group getting it done in the USA. Growing like a tree. Not by might, but by Yah's Spirit. They profess to be a Christ-centered, private organization. They have the only workable plan. Follow the Constitution. Implement its enforement provisions county by county. At this date we are represented in almost half the counties in USA. As The Colonel says, "Where are the Americans!" (Minute 27:50) 
Posted 1.16.2024


January 6 truths.

1. On January 6, 2021 the folks protesting in Washington D.C. were set-up by lots of FBI employees and others. Many lives are runined. Many folks are locked up for doing no wrong. Bad actors are getting away with lies and even murder. Tucker Carlson hits one out of the park with an interview of a stoic cop who is doing what he can to put light on it all, Congressman Clay Higgins. LINK TO INTERVIEW. And here is a LINK to an honest documentary showing J6 events. 


2. On January 6, 1982 Ron Wyatt found Yah's golden throne in a cave in Jerusalem. It contained the 10 commandments that Yah inscribed Himself and gave to Moses. Back then, 40 years later, the Israelites crossed into enemy territory and came to Jericho. They went around it for 6 days blowing horns. 7th day the walls came tumbing down. Perhaps, 40 years after Yah's 10 commandments were found by Ron Wyatt, we have entered enemy territory and the 7-year Times-of Trouble have begun. Violence in the land, rulers against rulers, began 2 years ago in Ukraine. It has not let-up yet. The present wars and attrocities began after 2-years of Covid 'news'. All BS. All lining up with Jerimiah 51:46. Here is a LINK TO RON WYATT'S STORY. Bottom line: Obey Yah's rules and He will be happy with you. And you will be happy too. 

Posted 1.6.2024


Good News (for a change).

Folks are rejecting fake meat, eating bugs, electric cars, main-stream censonrship, etc. Beyond meat stock price $219. in 2019, is $8.72 today, in 12/23. LINK to article. 
Posted 12.29.2023


Houthi verses The Beast. Wow! It is like the David & Goliath story.
The Houthi are stopping ships going to Israel. They are durable fighters. They have gone through much of what Gaza has, and is going through now. The USA, through Saudia Arabia, bombed Yemen for years. The Houthi want economic prosperity by controling the untapped oil reserves of Yemen. They are the poorest nation now. The Beast says no way. Here is a LINK to an interview of Caleb Maupin by Kim Iverson. It is fascinating to learn the story behind their support and ACTION for the Palestinians that are being tortured by the SOS. They will stop hijacking ships to Israel when Israel stops torturing Palestinians. Righteous action. BIG results. 

Posted 12.28.2023 


Governments (except Yemen) are afraid to buck the Synogogue of Satan (SOS) and its money printing Beast.

They have all the bombs from the USA they want, and a free hand to use them. No one can stop them.

We are perhaps 2 years into Yah's 7-year, 'Time-of-Trouble', before He comes. Here are 5 news links. If you can stomach it.

1. SOS has something in store for us. According to Mr. Webb, we'll litterally own nothing. Except debt.

Watch the free documentary or buy the book. TheGreatTaking.com

2. The best analyist about the current wars, bombings, and torture, is Scott Ritter. He seems blind to Yah's hand in all of it, and SOS's  prior knowledge of attacks, but he tells us a LOT, and says it like he sees it. He is unaware of Putin's SOS relationship as well. All that aside. His is the best analyst of war-time realities I have found. May Yah bless him for his truth-telling. LINK for Scott Ritter video updates at Bitchute.com.

3. For the latest, honest news about the unbelievable attrocities commited by the SOS see IsraelPalestineNews.com

4. For the history of the last 75 years of the brutal treratment of the peaceful, indigenous folks living in Palestine, see IfAmericansKnew.org

5. Thoughtful and insigtful articles about current events at UNZ.com


I could go on. But this is depressing enough.
Posted 12.19.2023

GAZA!    Tragic torture, death and destruction is on display. 

The sacrafice taking place right now is too sad to talk about. The Synagogue of Satan is blatently on display. Gaza has no water, no food, no electricity, no house, no hospital, no phone, no freedom, no peace; only destruction raining down from the Beast. Make no mistake, the USA is funding this attrocity just like they have funded almost all ghastly atrocities throught the world in our lifetime. How could one still be supportive of the USA or Israel governements without being hypnotized? Their evil is now so 'in-your-face'. The whole world sees it. Yet, here we are. Our leaders are posessed. And you can't change prophecy. 


Zephaniah 2:1-5 comes to mind.
1 Gather yourselves together, yes, gather together, you nation that has no shame, (that would be the USA) 2 before the appointed time when the day passes as the chaff, before the fierce anger of YHVH comes on you, before the day of YHVH’s anger comes on you. 3 Seek YHVH, all you humble of the land, who have kept his ordinances. Seek righteousness. Seek humility. It may be that you will be hidden in the day of YHVH’s anger. 4 For Gaza will be forsaken, and Ashkelon a desolation. They will drive out Ashdod at noonday, and Ekron will be rooted up. 5 Woe to the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! YHVH’s word is against you, Canaan, the land of the Philistines. I will destroy you until there is no inhabitant. 


Seems like we are almost 2 years into Yah's Times-of Trouble. So it ought not be surprising. Satan is putting the icing on his cake. Yah is allowing it. His 'broom of destruction' is weilded by many actors. We are witnessing prophecy unfold. Remember what the King said, our flesh counts for nothing. Just follow Him and be a light, to keep oil in your lamp. Your treasure no one can steal is 'good deeds'. Faith without works is DEAD. Obey all 10!

Posted December 2, 2023


Satanic Child Preditors. 
David Sorensen is interviewed by Mke Adams. They discuss child pedophilia sponsored by governments (bankers). It is shocking, infuriating and disgusting. Stop them if you can. Rescue those you can.
Our King will punish these people in a generous, and righteous way. 
His excellent website is www.StopWorldControl.com. 
LINK to interview.
LINK to StopWorldControl.com 

Posted 8.20.2023


Lets talk about January 6th!

Ron Wyatt discovered Yah's 'Ark of the 10 Commandments' on January 6th, 1982
39 years later, folks that peacefully demonstrate to the Beast on January 6th, 2021, are locked up.
40 Years later, January 6th, 2022+ 7 weeks = War begins. Russia starts 'Special Military Operation'. (Feb. 24th, 2022)

It follows the pattern set by Yah with the Israelites after He gave them the 10 Commandments. 40 years, plus 7 days, before their entrance into the promise land. If our 7-year clock has started, 40 years after Ron found the Ark (January 6th, 2022) perhaps our King is adjusting His saddle. \o/ "May His Kingdom COME!"  \o/


Tucker Carlson interviews Capitol Police CHIEF about January 6th, 2021. Shocking criminality was laid bare for all to see. 

Chief Steven Sund is obviously a truth teller. He laid bare the criminality executed on January 6th, 2021, at the highest levels. He names names. Perhaps to finally be exposed and STOPPED! Chief Sund was kept out of the loop. After the 'sting' he was immediately fired and forgotten about. He is not forgotten by Yah. Neither are those wrongly imprisoned by the Beast's slaves.
LINK to Capitol Police Chief Sund interview with Tucker Carlson. 

LINK to demonstrators being attacked by Capitol Police. 

Posted 8.13.2023


Kennedy's Staff said "NO WAY" when told their candidate (RFK Jr.) agreed to debate Max Blumenthal about Israel. 
I am emarrased to admit that I too was taken in by Israel's lies for quite some time. Then I went there. Twice. Saw stuff that made me question. Then I learned the ugly truth. We all believe lies at times. It sucks. All we can do is look into it and shine light on the truth. Kennedy agreed to debate. His staff knows better. It would sink his candidacy. Unless Yah says otherwise. It's been said that you know who runs things when you admit who you can't criticize. They have done a job worthy of the (not long) ruler of this world. Astonishing really. 
LINK to the 'RFK Jr. debate' story at The Gray Zone.
LINK to If Americans Knew. A comprehensive website explaing what is really going on in Israel. 
Posted 8.5.2023


Update: Jimmy Dore says he just received a text from RFK Jr. that he would have a talk with Max. This was after his staff said he would not talk to Max. So we'll see. Here is the LINK.
Posted 8.6.2023


The US Military is doing what it is told to do.

They follow bankster orders. They are ferociously attacking their own soldiers and population, along with the rest of the world. The covid jab is poison. It is killing folks. It is giving young folks heart troubles and cancer, on steriods. 
LINK to Sasha Latypova who lays it out like no other. LINK to Bitchute. LINK to Rumble. LINK to Odysee.

Posted 7.26.2023


Tucker Carlson interviews Andrew Tate.

I highly recommend young men to watch this interview. Women too. Andrew encourages folks to be the best they can be, mentally & physically. Helps to resist the "matrix".
Current events discussed in a foundational, understandable way.

He is proud of who he is. We all should be, reguardless of our circumstances.

We are all in Yah's test. Yah's Bootcamp. Andrew has that part right!
For adolecents and above. F-word occasionally.
LINK to Twitter. LINK to Bitchute. LINK to Youtube. 
Posted 7.16.2023