Many, in Love, in Truth, in Action

God invites all to join His family.
To join you must agree to follow His Son, our King. 
 He told us to "LOVE one another".
He said He'd sent us the Spirit of TRUTH.
His closest followers are people of ACTION!

Jesus Christ is knocking. Open your door. Wherever you are. HalleluYAH!
... and then what?  'Fear God, and obey His 10 commandments'.  Simple!
After that, pursue Love, Truth and Action. 
The peoples most important political Action to take, for the entire world,
is to wrest the only 'Peoples' Constitution back from the Satanic folks that took it.
Watch the 11 minute video at TacticalCivics.com (link) to get familiar.
Join if you qualify. Pray, help and promote it if you don't.


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Yah's 7 minute message to ALL PEOPLE.

January 6th. Past, Present, Future.  1.6.24  (1 hour radio show)

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God's name & title, removed from His word almost 7000 times is: YHVH = Yod Hey Vav Hey
'YHVH' means 'Behold the Eternal Creator, who's holding all things together!', in original, pictograph Hebrew!

Our King's Name and Title, 'Jesus Christ', also known as 'Joshua' 'Yahshua', 'Jesu', etc. is actually:
YHVShVi = It means 'Yah's Salvation, the King'.  Pictograph of name says 'YahVah Himself, destroyed between two nails'

Elijah is here now! By all who can say "My God is YAH!" Because that is what 'Elijah' means! 
We are fufilling Malachi's prophecy (Malachi 4: 5) just ahead of the 'Great and Terrible Day of YHVH'.

We loudly shout "ELIJAH" or, more accurately, "EL YAH" which to say: 'MY GOD IS YAH'!
We'll also shout "Hallelu YAH"!  (Praise YAH) and "YahDah YAH" (Thank you YAH) all the day long, even in song. \o/
In His Kingdom to come, ALL will know, and revere, His awesome Name! (Isaiah 52:6

Malachi 3:16 - 17   Then those who feared YHVH spoke one with another; and YHVH listened and heard, and a book of memory was written before Him for those who feared YHVH and who honored his Name. They shall be mine,” says YHVH, Commander of Armies, “My own possession in the day that I make. I will spare them, as a man spares his own son who serves him".


To get to Yah's Kingdom one must obey Yah's 10 commandments. Dad wrote them in stone, twice!

1. Love Yah! (Desire, seek and cling to our Father in Heaven. Read & listen to His Words.)
2. NO Idols! (Don't love anything more than Dad. Especially money.)
3. Use YAH's Name! (It has nothing to do with cussing!) (YAH - YH = 'Behold the Creator' in early, pictograph Hebrew.)

4. Delight in Yah's Sabbath! (No cook, no work, dawn to dusk, Saturdays! Warming food & Helping others OK.)

5. Honor your parents!

6. No murder!
7. No adultery!
8. No stealing!

9. No lying! (Especially about someone else!)

10. Don't covet anyone elses anything!


Or, to summerize most of them, 'Do to others as you want them to do to you!'  (Leviticus 19:18 & Matthew 7:12)


The 'gospel' or 'good news', is that if you:  1. Ask for forgiveness, and 2. Make things right, and 3. Sin no more, you'll forever be a founding member of Yah's family. Created for administrative purposes in Yah's eternal Kingdom.


See Ezekiel 18 or Ezekiel 33:10-16. It's plainly stated, twice!


In other words: BE GOOD! And complete your life-time test with honor. Our King is saddling up.


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