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(Shows also air 7 AM PST on the Sabbath, the 7th day of the week, on a mostly non-annoying, 50's & 60's radio station in Pahrump NV - USA - heard here:


Alef Tav ECLIPSE on 4-8-2024  Took 7 years.  By Yah's Salvation.

JANUARY 6, Past, Present, Future. 1.6.24 

For those who are about to Die. 10.2.23 

Know Dad and His Plan Better.  9.3.23

Hug Yah, with your family.  8.3.23

 Happy Dad's Day! YHVH Day too! 6.18.23

Overview of Yah's Plan  6.17.23

Enoch Our End-Time Prophet.  5.15.23 

Yah's Holy Days.  4.1.23

How to Get to Yah's Kingdom. Current Events. 3.13.23

What will Yah's Kingdom be like? 12.11.22

Is USA End-Time Babylon? 12.10.22

Malachi, Yah's messenger for OUR time. 12.1.22

Ten Comandments! 10.2.22

Feast of Trumpets. 10.1.22

Yah's Gift of Water (Part 2) 8.25.22

Yah's Gift of Water.  8.20.22

Yah's Timing. 8.11.22

Getting to Yah's Kingdom. 7.26.22

Dad's name is Yah! 7.14.22

Church of Yah Radio Show #1.  7.2.22  \o/

Overview of Yah's Plan  6.17.23