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NOTE: We post LINKS below that we believe to be useful and true.  YAH has many people producing an endless variety of good works. My recomending their info on a paricular subject in NO way endorses everything they say, write, or believe, past present or future. Most do NOT obey YAH's 10 commandments. And none of us know what lies we still believe. We believe their specific information we link to is helpful for us to undertand YAH's truths and navigate the End-Times in which we live.


Enoch - Listen to the best parts!

The opening paragraph in the book of Enock says it is specifically written for the people living in the END TIMES.

Bible Study Tools

Bible outlines. LINK to BibleStudyStart.com 

Jesus' Words Only. Audio recording. No music. Female voice. LINK to audio recording. 1.5 hours. 


Bible Pages, charts, Tools, Timelines, etc.  LINK to BiblePages.com 

Hebrew Interlinear (Old Testament) LINK to Scripture4all.org Hebrew
Greek Interlinear (New Testament) LINK to Scripture4all.org Greek


Read, Listen, Study. LINK to BlueLetterBible.org 



Jude (Our King's brother) quotes from the 1st chapter of Enoch. Jude 1:14. It was a well-known book then. Lost for almost 2000 years, LOTS of fragments found amonst the Dead Sea Scrolls, placed 2500 years ago. Our King loved to call himself the 'Son of Man'. Which is how Enoch referred to Him.

LINK to audio recording of Chapters 45 - 58 where Enoch prophecies about our King. (Links to the whole audio Book too.)

LINK to the written Books of Enoch.
LINK to a female voice reading the Book of Enoch.


Yah's Physical Evidence
Yah had a Sabbath-keeping guy named Ron Wyatt discover the proofs for Yah's destructive acts over 40 years ago. 

LINK to Anchor Stone. A site devoted to Ron Wyatt's discoveries. 
LINK to Ark Discovery. Kevin Fisher runs it. Like Ron, he is a Seventh Day Adventist. 
LINK to the full color, 8-page, Ark Discovery flyers to purchase, or download for free.
(It is 12-page now. And is $80 per hundred. Ignor Ellen White recomendation. Our King said He is our only teacher. )

Posted 8.5.23 



Everyone knows that light can alter mood. Almost nobody knows it can heal. Almost miraculously at times. Worked on exaustively by Darius Dinshah in the 1920's. Proven by me, and lots of others. A green incadescent light cured painful plantar fasciitis under both of my feet overnight. Dinshah says it will cure almost anything. I do not doubt it. (The government persecuted him of course.)
LINK to Dinshaw Health Society.
Posted 7.26.23


Jesus' Words Only 
Doug Del Tondo's work. He is a brave hero. He presents an absolutely MASSIVE amount of evidence that Paul's letters should NOT be in our Bibles. On average, Paul's books are quoted 12 times more often than all other Bible quotes in Western Christian churches. If one believes Yah's 10 Commandments are NOT for them, thier 'Scripture' back-up is always Paul's letters. Doug's website helped me to understand that, as our King said, He and YAH are our ONLY teachers.

I link to Doug's 2-part interview. He expertly explains the Big Picture.
LINK to PART 1 of Doug's interview. (45 minutes)
LINK to PART 2 of same interview. (30 minutes)
LINK to his exaustive website: JESUS' WORDS ONLY. (It is now only on WayBack Machine.)

Posted 7.22.23 


Raw Food is Medicine - Most injections are poison. 
Aajonus Vonderplanitz is another gift from Yah. He was a 'savant' (a computer-like genius). He almost died while trying to understand nutrition. Cyote's saved his life by dropping a dead rabbit in front of him. After that he devoted his life to learning, teaching healing and helping himself and others. His book, 'We Want To Live', is YAH-full and usefull. He  tested everything in university laboratory's. He lectured at Yale. He fought the Law, and HE won. He is the reason one can buy raw milk in California. Unfortuately, his body is now dead. His deck railing broke. But his work lives on. He discovered that our Creator's way is always the best way.

LINK to Aajonus fascinating Interview to get the big picture. 
LINK to a truthful VIRUS discussion. Swine flu. Spanish Flu. AIDS. Covid. All explained simply. 
LINK to many of his teaching vidoes posted at Bitchute.
LINK to his teaching materials. We Want 2 Live!

Posted 7.22.23 


Water. A gift from YAH! Teaching by Andrew Webber.

Urine is sterile. As are all bodily fluids. It is Yah's medicine. It can litterally save your life. 
Andrew was interviewed by a funny and outspoken Aussie, Vinny Eastwood. I learned an enormous amount of Yah-full info. I urge all to watch it. Absolutely fascinating and very USEFULL! I do not believe he knows or believes in Yah. 

LINK to interview of Andrew Norton Webber by Vinny Eastwood. 

Posted 7.22.23


Virus Contagion expertly debunked.
This 2 1/2 hour video is the most interesting, and easiest to understand, explationon of the truth about viruses. Includes rare footage of past lies. The truth is that all colds and flus are self-healing actions. Obviously, YAH gave us a body that often can heal itself., inside and out. And one that can't 'catch' a virus any more than one can catch soap.
LINK to the video.
Posted 8.12.23


Other Bible Books
Books in Audio and text found HERE. (Enoch, Baruch, Ezra, Ascention of Moses, etc...)

Posted 2.18.24


Lord = Baal

If one wonders why Yah HATES to be called LORD. Click on THIS. Blue Letter Bible proves that Baal = Lord. Also, one of Satan's right-hand men on earth is called LORD Rothschild. Enough said.

Posted 2.18.24