Yah's 7000 year plan.

This is the text of a 1-page flyer that talks about Ron Wyatt's discoveries, Yah's history and plans for us all.
I hand it out within the flyer about Noah's Ark and all from ArkDiscovery.com.

Elijah (El Yah) simply meansmy God is Yah’.  😊 HalleluYAH!  \o/           So, who is Yah?

If you’ve been given “eyes to see,” you will rejoice reviewing this most awesome brochure ever! It presents some of the discoveries of the late Ron Wyatt. Who, around 40 years ago, was mightily used by YAH, our Father in Heaven, to discover and display many of His past deeds, which God is so famous for. Ron Wyatt did it faithfully for 22 years, helped by friends and family. They recorded videos galore. They sent out newsletters. Gave presentations. Interviewed on Network TV. Opened a museum. What more could they do?


I need to tell you a bit of my story so you will understand why this front-page news is not so well known.


As a Christian Bookstore owner for a time, I mixed it up with publisher and ministry heads at the yearly bookstore conventions. Plus, I knew plenty of church leaders in my hometown. Early on, I was told by ALL that Ron Wyatt was a fraud. He had no archeological degree. Blah, blah. So, because of ignorant advice, sadly, I failed to look into it for many years. Then, finally, I DID look into it. And WOW! The proof is so obvious that unless you are as blind as Judas, you must admit that Ron Wyatt and his discoveries are the real deal. As Yah lives, they are all true. I stake my eternal soul on it. And I’m stubborn for Yah. Which is why He gave me ‘JesusChrist.com’. Which is used to relay DAD’s words. Just like our King did. (Isaiah 51:16 & John 14:10) (And perhaps we’ll be chronicling the ‘end times’, in real time.)


Learning about Yah through Ron Wyatt and his discoveries was the funnest investigative work ever! Ron was DIRECTLY CHOSEN BY YAH TO REVEAL HIS DEEDS. Ron loved to show-and-tell all about it. He did that enthusiastically for 22 years. The whole story is FREE on the internet. Truly awesome and VERY credible. The global lie that God did NOT do these things is what is INcredible. But, as we all know, it’s still Satan’s turn. He has ‘thrown truth to the ground’ (Isaiah 59) and is, of late, ‘stomping on the residue.’ (Daniel 7:7) ‘Residue’ meaning all us people. Globally. Like is happening now.


A few things about Dad. (The King said to pray: “Our Father, who is in Heaven, holy is your Name, may Your Kingdom come…”)


The PHYSICAL evidence that one can now go and SEE in Turkey (Noah’s Ark), Egypt (Joseph’s grain distribution complex. Red Sea crossing site), Saudi Arabia (Mt. Sinai, Water Rock, etc.), and Israel (Sodom, Gomorrah and 3 more cities of ash with nuggets of 95% sulfur balls ) PROVES that the God of the Bible must be our Creator. As such, His story regarding us humans should be examined freely, simply, and truthfully. Especially if His ‘7th Day’, or His ‘Kingdom to come’, is due to arrive in the near-term. He said a lot through His actions and His prophets about the ‘End Times’, when He will wipe out the wicked, often referred to in the English Bible as ‘The Day of the LORD’. (Malachi 4, last OT chapter, sums it up.) Are we in, or approaching, those times now? How close? I’ll try to summarize His main message and story, and you can decide.





SUMMARY of His 6000-year story:

1. He created our world, stocked it with fish, birds, animals and plants. Lastly, He created humans. He gave them a bit of His Eternal Spirit and a bit of autonomy while in these earthly bodies. He simply wants all humans to be His delightful, fruitful, kids, enjoying and taking care of each other, while shepherding His awesome creation. And NOT destroying it!


2. About 6000 years ago Adam and Eve sinned. Death and trouble commenced after that. Dad is pure. He can’t tolerate sin or willful disobedience at all. He got fed up with everyone… and wiped them all out in a global flood. He saved only one guy and his family to start all over. (Hence, Noah’s Ark, fossilized under a lava flow, now visible in Turkey, in the Mountains of Ararat, up at over 6000 feet. Turkish government built a visitors center next to it.)


3. About 5000 years ago Noah was born. 600 years later the flood came. Noah set up house near the big ship after the flood. Soon, folks started screwing up again. (Not too many folks seriously seek our Father in Heaven apparently.)


4. About 4000 years ago, once again, Yah found only one guy who truly loved Him named Abraham. Abraham detested statues, evil acts, and all things anti-God. Yah promised that if he obeyed, He would make Abe and some of His descendants His special family. 500 years later Moses, a descendant of Abraham, led Yah’s “Family” out of bondage in Egypt. The final straw for Pharaoh was the Passover, when God killed the firstborn of all of Egypt. After being set free, God told Moses the family rules. Including His famous 10 commandments, which God wrote down on stone tablets Himself, twice! He told them what would happen to them if they obeyed, and also if not. See Deuteronomy 28. Ouch!


5. From 4000 years ago to 2000 years ago God’s usually dysfunctional family, the Israelites, had their ups and downs. Eventually they screwed up so bad that God had them conquered by armies that He raised up. He killed, punished, and scattered them all over the earth, just as He promised. The most recent scattering began and ended with the slave ships.

His priestly and sacrificial system made the obvious point that ALL sin MUST be punished, paid for, and forgiven. Just like a speeding ticket or an unruly child. The blood of a perfect baby lamb was a reminder of this truth for a time. The blood of a bull sprinkled once a year on His earthly, golden throne, known as His ‘Mercy Seat,’ was also sufficient for a time.


6. 2000 years ago, YAH provided His 1st born Son as THE acceptable sacrifice. (And our King volunteered! \o/ Isaiah 51:1 - 56:8) Appropriately, His name in Hebrew, YHVShVI, means ‘Yah’s Salvation.’ AKA Jesus, Joshua, Yesu… He taught us to love Father God and each other. Obey God’s 10 commandments. Be good. Give water and blankets in His Name. Be fruitful. Be truthful. Do unto other as you want them to do to you! Etc. Then, as everybody knows, the bad guys crucified Him. He IS the “Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” His blood even landed on Dad’s mercy seat!  \o/ 
HE is our only teacher (Matthew 23:10). He is both Yah’s Arm and our human KING! He’s coming back!  Hallelu YAH \o/


7. ZERO years ago. Question: Where are we at NOW in God’s calendar? Bible dates say we are at about year 6000 since Adam. And it’s been almost 2000 years since the King’s resurrection and ascension. So, we are coming up on Yah’s 7th 1000-year day. The 7th day is, and has always been, Dad’s special DAY! (The lie that He changed His mind is a biggie! - Isaiah 58:13-14)


Because most humans ignore Dad and His rules universally, Yah’s ‘Kingdom to come’ will be ushered in with devastating destruction, just like the time when Israel was rescued from bondage through Moses. Think Noah’s flood, 10 plagues of Egypt, and the burning sulfur that rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah. Our King said we’d see increased wars, famines, plagues, and earthquakes, amid copious lies and confusion. (Matthew 24) Tough times. Have they started yet?


Yah is now allowing Satan’s Synagogue to put icing on their global cake. Goal 1. Get rid of useless eaters. Goal 2. Digitally control the thoughts, actions, and money, of whoever is left. Question: Why has the world given them a license to print money? Perhaps, as things progress, folks will ‘Eat the bankers first’. 😉 By the way, in the USA, U.S. coins are our real money, made interest-free by our publicly owned, U.S. Mint. Conversely, paper ‘notes’ and digital ‘bits’ are created by privately owned banks. We let them make ‘play money’. They are playing with us, with interest. (Can we still demand U.S. coins?)


Question 2: So, what can you do? Answer: Prepare your soul for what is reserved for you, for the reward that is laid up for you. (2nd Baruch 52:7)   Turn from all sin! Repent! (See Ezekiel 33:12-16 for clarity.) Seek the King’s advice above. His is our ONLY teacher. BE GOOD! Seek Dad! Talk to Him. Put away the worldly crap promoted by the Beast. Ask for forgiveness if you have offended others. Be very fruitful. And most importantly, OBEY ALL of Dad’s 10 commandments! INCLUDING:
Commandment # 3. Use Dad’s name. It is ‘YH’ = YAH! (’YH’ means ‘Behold Creator’. Title is ‘VH’ = ‘Behold Nail’ = Holding it all together. \o/)
Commandment # 4 The 7th Day is Yah’s Sabbath or Rest Day. For us to enjoy. From dawn to dusk no work is allowed. Even for the cook. Even for working animals. It’s Dad’s Family Day. (See Isaiah 58:13 – Saturday is the 7th day of Yah’s universal 7-day week.)


Properly honoring Yah’s Sabbath, and using His real Name (out loud) are the 2 outward signs that you belong to Yah. Warning, as the King said, if you follow Him, “The world will hate you.” But keep in mind, this fleshly body is only temporary. We are in a life-time test to see if we truly care about Dad, or not. And if we really want to be in His family.


In the FUTURE, after our body dies, it’s report-card time. If we were good kids, using our gifts as we sought, loved, and obeyed Dad, we’ll be allowed to remain in His family, forever. Conversely, if we ignored Him, rejected His rules, or dissed His creation, He will reject us too. He will 1st punish us according to our deeds, and then erase, or unplug us, and take back that initial bit of Spirit He gave us. (For Yah’s simple words on how to join Yah’s family read Ezekiel 33:12-16, & Ezekiel 18.)


The King said, “Follow me.” He said He is our “only Teacher”. And that He only relays Dad’s messages. (John 14:10)
So, how about you? Do you want to follow the King? If so, read or listen to Yah’s Words, study vids and teaching articles at KingdomPreppers.org and visit JesusChrist.com to get to know Dad better, and to be the best Dad or Mom you can.

Posted 1.15.24